In this demo, we show a (p,q) torus knot and its tangential indicatrix. Choosing a point P on the unit sphere, we can see the plane perpendicular to P at height c, where c goes from -2 to 2. If the plane never meets the curve at more than two points, joining those two points creates a segment and the family of segments determines a two-dimensional disc with no self-intersections bounded by the curve. This will be the case if the great circle perpendicular to P meets the tangential indicatrix at just two points. The Fary-Milnor theorem guarantees the existence of such a direction vector P if the total length of the tangential indicatrix is less than 4*π. For a (p,q) knot with p or q equal to 1, this is possible, but for p and q both larger than 1 and not equal, it is not possible and the curve is "knotted".