Chapter 3 • Curves in Space: Local Properties

3.1: Definitions, Examples, and Differentiation

Example 3.1.2: Lines

Example 3.1.3: Planar Curves

Example 3.1.4: Twisted Cubic

Example 3.1.5: Cylindrical Helix

Example 3.1.6: Conical Helix

Example 3.1.7: Curves on Hyperboloid of One Sheet

Example 3.1.8: Space Cardioid

3.2: Curvature, Torsion, and the Frenet Frame

Page 68: Definition of Unit Tangent Vector

Page 69: Definition of Principal Normal Vector

figure20a     figure20b     figure21


Definition 3.2.2: Frenet Frame and Definition of Binormal Vector

figure31     figure32


Definition 3.2.3: Space Curvature and Plane Curvature

figure33     figure34


Definition 3.2.4: Torsion Function

figure37     figure38     figure39


Example 3.2.5: Helices

Curvature of the circular helix

figure22     figure23     figure24


Torsion of the circular helix

figure40     figure3-41     figure42


Example 3.2.6: Space Cardioid

Frenet frame of the space cardioid

figure35     figure36


Torsion of the space cardioid

figure43     figure44     figure45


3.3: Osculating Plane and Osculating Sphere

Definition 3.3.1: Osculating Plane

figure29     figure30   


Proposition 3.3.3: Osculating Sphere

figure50     figure51     figure52


3.4: Natural Equations

Theorem 3.4.1: Fundamental Theorem of Space Curves

figure53     figure54     figure55     figure56


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